• Domestic violence is aggressively pursued by the prosecution.

  • Domestic violence also encompasses a broad scope of illegal behavior, such as assault, battery, trespassing, threats, stalking, verbal abuse, molestation, violation of court orders, and child neglect.

  • Domestic violence penalties include:

    • Restraining orders which prevent a person from seeing their children or entering their own home

    • An impact on a person's child custody arrangement (including possible loss of custody)

    • Loss of the right to bear arms

    • Probation

    • Jail or prison time


The Ohio legislature passed significant changes to the sealing and expungement law in October of 2018.

  • You can now expunge multiple convictions.

  • You can now have as many as five felonies expunged, as long as they are felonies of the 4th or 5th degree

  • If you are convicted of two felonies, you can apply four years after completing your sentence and any probationary period

  • If convicted of three to five felonies, you can apply for sealing five years after completing your sentence and any probationary period

  • You can expunge unlimited misdemeanors after waiting one year from the completion of the sentence and any probationary period.


An arrest is not the only way to resolve an outstanding bench warrant or alias capias warrant.

Taking the proactive approach and surrendering yourself or working with an experienced defense lawyer as a legal mediator between you and the court system often puts you in a more favorable light with the judge, and may open up resolution opportunities that don’t involve jail time. Some of the resolution options a qualified attorney can help you with include:

  • Whether a self-arrest program such as Surrender Safely will be occurring soon, or exists inherently for cases like yours

  • Surrendering to the police and your subsequent initial appearance before the judge

  • Appearing in court with your attorney to file a motion to surrender as well as petition the judge for a favorable release solution

  • Submit an emergency bond motion for the reduction of your bond amount due to exigent circumstances

  • Submit a motion to the court to withdraw a bench warrant or alias capias due to an inadvertent or unintentional failure to appear